Ambassador Program

11013366116_7a1c29c4da_b_game-storeThe Heralds Guild is very excited to announce our new Ambassador Program. This program is designed to be an outreach & training program for your local stores, helping teach DMs about D&D, and specifically providing the latest information about D&D Adventurers League Public Play.

And in case you are wondering: No, the Ambassador Program is not meant to be big con centric. Nor is it meant to be USA centric. There is room for your store, your con and your country. Help us spread the awesome.

The Ambassador Program is being administered by our DM Community & Training Committees. Currently, Robert Adducci is the Head of the DM Community Committee, and we are moving a new person into the DM Training Head position. They will set the tone and roadmap for the program, but you, the individual members, will drive where we go first and how fast we get there.

You can read more details about the Ambassador Program, and apply to be a part of the program here:

As always, Questions go to

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