News from the Ambassador Program Development Team

Based on overwhelming feedback, which we all resoundingly agreed with, we are renaming the “Transitioning Team” to the “Development Team”.

Since this discussion started, we have read, listened, talked, read some more, debated. What is so apparent is the avid passion for Organized Play that everyone shares. We are so pleased that passion has conceived the following:

What the Ambassador Program is

The Ambassador Program (AP) will be an extension of the Heralds Guild (HG) nonprofit (process to be completed in early 2017). As with every company, whether for profit or not, there will be a board of directors, this is a legal requirement to achieve nonprofit 501(c)x status. The initial members of this board are David Christ and Krishna Simonse. We aim to expand to possibly include more people.

What the Ambassador Program is not

While we have all seen the speculation about the HG and AP becoming some sort of feeding mechanism for Baldman Games (BMG), we can resolutely say this is not true. Also, the AP will have no formal relationship with Wizards of the Coast (WotC) or Adventurers League (AL), the organized play arm of their intellectual property Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). AP will exist solely as a fan sponsored and community run organization of AL. Like any company, when fans of a product gather in masses and resoundingly suggest things, we hope that WotC and AL will make changes based on those suggestions that we provide.

What the Ambassador Program will do

The Ambassador Program (AP) will provide the missing link between conventions and convention organizers, stores and store organizers, and everyday DMs with players. We want to be everywhere games are played, and will make this happen by supporting the community through both in-person support, and online tools (website, forum, Facebook, etc.).

Who and where the Ambassador Program will be

We know that there is a perceived view that Baldman Games is centric to only a portion of The United States and because of this, it is also perceived that the Ambassador Program will only cover a small area of the world. We cannot state this more emphatically, this is patently false. The scope of AP is to be inclusive to everyone everywhere.

As part of that inclusivity, everyone who wants to be involved in the AP can be involved. You should all feel safe, represented, and enabled to volunteer as little or as much as you want.

How the Ambassador Program will accomplish this

You have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding D&D Organized Play, Rules as Written (RAW), Rules and Intended(RAI), convention organization and support, store support, and DM support and player support. We should continue all of this, to continue to grow the community but as a fan community we should refer to official sources whenever possible. Be empowered to share knowledge and insight with each other. This is what will make this community strong. We must continue this!

What the objectives of the Ambassador Program are

Based on the understanding of the information we have gathered; we think the objectives for the AP arm of the Heralds Guild should be as follows:

  • Be a resource for information. Ambassadors would know where to find rules, guidelines, etc.
  • Be a resource for coordinating in stores (or homes, libraries, schools, wherever games are being played).
  • Work with the DM Program arm of the Heralds Guild for DM training and recruiting.
  • Be a resource for coordinating at conventions and large events.
  • Be a resource for promotion of the game.
  • Be a resource for running the games (this may be better suited to the HG DM program).

Examples of this could be:

  • Keep a social media presence
  • Understand and know the offerings of DDAL, the FAQ and rules of DDAL
  • Understand the offerings of the HG, and take feedback from the community on what gaps can be filled through additional articles, training or shared resources (maps, adventure tips, etc.)
  • Understand and be able to assist with the inner workings of Convention Created Content.
  • Help with creating and maintaining local resource information on DMs, Organizers, and other things that can be used to facilitate conventions, game days, or other events.
  • Be an organizer that can be called upon to help coordinate and run game days, conventions etc.
  • Be able to relay local events, groups looking for players etc. to designated social media platforms and/or provide them with assistance.
  • Coordinate or run season introductions to bring people up to date with the newest DDAL season, and introduce additional campaign documentation to the player base.
  • Coordinate events at a public location.
  • Publish articles on the AP site about all sorts of information, like the ins and outs of Convention Created Content, helping stores get into the OP fold, helping new DMs, helping conventions, etc. from a “fan” point of view. How was the process and our experiences with what we did and had to go through?

These are things that the AP as a whole want to do, but is certainly not everything. Every member should feel empowered to do these things. As a fan supported community, you should not feel obligated to do any of these things.

We should however set a baseline code of conduct and set of responsibilities for members that revolves around mutual respect for each other, and what can be minimally expected as a member.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the AP needs to be easy to manage, and as such as flat as possible. Included is a simple drawing of the proposed organization structure. The names of all roles are placeholders currently.

To be clear, once all of us feel the AP is ready to go, the Development Team will be disbanded. Only then will all positions within the AP be filled. We welcome comments as to how to facilitate this.

Yes, the start may have been clumsy, but it is a start. We are not under the illusion it is done and more importantly, we still need your input. This is going to be what all of us make it. Nobody here is interested in making something with no added value, or no one would want to be a part of it. We rely on your help and comments to get to the final shape.



The Ambassador Program Development Team

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