Our announcements, along with the RC/LC program coming to a close, have generated a lot of questions. We are going to try and address some of the most common ones here. If you have a question you would like addressed please contact us via our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/heraldsguild


Why did the RC/LC system end?

We don’t know for sure. There are too many legal and business issues at play to know for sure. What we do know is that to end such a great system must have been a tough decision not made lightly. Why it ended, to us, is less important than the fact we want to make sure all the great knowledge and energy that it brought can be maintained. We have been working on ideas for growing the DM community for a while, and this announcement made us realize it was a great time to launch the program.

Does Heralds Guild now own AL?

No. Wizards of the Coast and the AL Administrators are the drivers of the program. The Heralds Guild is meant to be a place where DMs and fans of D&D can come to share resources for advancing the hobby. Everyone is invited to use our resources and contribute their own resources.

So what is the Ambassador Program and how is it related to the Heralds Guild?

The Ambassador’s Program is a part of the Heralds Guild, but you do not need any specific rank in the Heralds Guild to participate. You can be an Envoy, or even a Consul, without having any rank at all in the Heralds Guild.

Do I have to be a member of the Heralds Guild or Ambassador Program to DM Adventurers League games, co-ordinate games, or otherwise volunteer?

No. The Heralds Guild and the Ambassador Program are not mandatory and are totally volunteer run. The guiding principle of both is to create a community that can assist people to bringing D&D to the public and providing tools to make that happen more smoothly. You are under no obligation to join, and you can continue to do all the great things you were doing for your gaming community.

Do I have to go to the Big Shows or DM at conventions to be part of the Ambassador Program?

No. While some members of the Heralds Guild indeed do volunteer at larger shows as part of their fund-raising efforts (the Heralds Guild is a non-profit international organization that’s primary goal is the training and support of DMs and stores to grow our hobby as a whole), DMing at shows is not required or mandated in any fashion. This program is about supporting your local stores, shows, and community in much the same way as the RC/LCs did in the past, in a more organic fashion.

Will they buy me Ice Cream?

Probably not.We’ve bought many things for DMs over the years but we are pretty sure ice cream is not one of them. You never know though.

Is this program limited to the Midwest?

No. This program is about spreading the love of D&D and especially DMing to everybody. Whether that is in the US, New Zealand, online, play-by-post, or one day the Moon, we want to support you and help you kick as much butt as possible doing what you love to do.