Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Heralds Guild Ambassador Program (AP). This exciting new program is designed to be an outreach and training program for local stores, helping teach DMs about D&D, and specifically providing the latest information about D&D Adventurers League Public Play.

AP is counting on you to be the resident expert in your area on all things D&D, the Adventurers League, DM Training, and local/national gameday and convention support. When your local store needs help with launching a new AL program, figuring out how to expand their players or DMs, or getting involved in their local convention scene, we want you to be that recourse.

For most of you, this is something you are already doing. For you, we want to increase the tools in your arsenal, give you some cool perks, and make this a rewarding experience on all levels. For others who might be completely new to the process, we offer online seminars, group mentors, and other great resources to quickly boost your experience, skill set, and confidence.

And in case you are wondering: No, the Ambassador Program is not meant to be big con centric. Nor is it meant to be USA centric. There is room for your store, your con, and your country. Help us spread the awesome.

The program will be jointly administered under the Heralds Guild DM Training and Community Panels. Currently Robert Adducci heads up the Community Panel, and we are moving a new person into the DM Training position. These two groups will set the tone and a roadmap for the program, but you, the individual members, will drive where we go first and how fast we get there. (If you are interested in applying to be in charge of DM Training for the Heralds Guild and are a level 4 DM or higher in the Heralds Guild, mention your interest on the application below – this is completely separate from the applications below)

There are currently two ranks in the Heralds Guild Ambassador Program, but we are eyeing a third, depending on how successful the program is and how fast it grows.

Envoy: This is the critical entry level of the program. You are responsible for your local store(s). You are the resident expert in your area, keeping in touch, and on good terms, with your local stores and gaming community. You are the program’s face to this community, and we only succeed as far as the good will you generate. Other than hanging out and supporting gaming, you need to turn in a monthly report on your area to your Consul.

Consul: This is the top position, for now, and you are responsible for an area containing 6-10 Envoys. Your job is to keep in regular touch with your Envoys. Make sure they are still engaged, help them resolve any problems, and have the tools they need to succeed. Once again, you will need to turn in a monthly report on your Envoys so we can keep track of how things are going.

Benefits: There will be an ongoing discussion over the next few months as the program continues to take shape. The Heralds Guild is a non-profit international group whose charter and purpose is all about expanding and training DMs, which in turn expands our hobby and enjoyment to others. Our goal is not to sell books, promote one company over another, or one store over another. We will be looking for your feedback on what cool recognition and other rewards would put a smile on your face for something you probably already love to do. One currently envisioned benefit would be early sneak-peek access to Convention Created Content from various groups to run at your local stores. As stated above, we are entertaining all ideas and would love to hear yours.


If interested in joining this program, click this link and fill out the form. We are gathering these through the rest of the year, and you will hear something from us right after the winter holidays.


Heralds Guild Ambassador Program