Around the Web: Zendikar


A Fusion of Imagination.


Dungeons & Dragons is such an influential cultural phenomenon that it helped inspire the creators of Magic: The Gathering into launching their own influential cultural phenomenon; one that would eclipse (and save the IP of) its predecessor TSR Inc. But the relationship between D&D and M:TG players hasn’t always been the best. SO maybe you’re like me, torn between two worlds. What can you do? You love D&D 5e but you also love Magic: The Gathering! What if, like me, you want to experience both worlds in one game? WoTC has announced a new PDF-based guide to the plane of Zendikar, the realm in which M:TG takes place. So check it out and prepare for a new kind of adventure in Plane Shift: Zendikar. Now if only we could bring back Spelljammer.


Photo by Spearlow

Photo by gamerscircle