Yet another of our Gencon seminars for you. Unfortunately this seminar ran out of time, so you will find a few slides lack audio. Additionally some of the information in this seminar has been….deprecated. In part by that new guild on the block, and in part by other developments. Time moves ever on, its what it does :). As always, questions and comments can be directed to our email

Herald’s Guild Seminar: DMing 201 – Running D&D in Public

Welcome to 2016 one and all. Lets make it a good one. So the holidays have passed and by now the first of the new years resolutions have gone the way of the lost kobold meeting a group of murder hobos. Winter Fantasy is about a month away and I for one am looking forward to it. Today we are posting the second of our seminars, Shawn Merwin and Chuck Benscoter provide us with advice […]

Herald’s Guild Seminar: DMing 102 – Storytelling

As you may remember, last Gen Con we ran several seminars for Dms. Part of those seminars was the promise that we were recording the sessions and that they would be posted on this site. Time to make good on that promise. For your viewing (mostly listening) pleasure we present DMing  101: Table Management: We are working to get the other 3 seminars posted a.s.a.p. and hope you enjoy and find use in this content. […]

Herald’s Guild Seminar – DMing 101: Table Management