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Our Council is short a few members and we are looking for some exciting new faces to breath new ideas and life into our initiatives. We are currently looking for 4 new members in two of groups. We need two new members for our Community Group headed up by Robert Adducci. We are looking for one member and one head for out DM Training group. Preference will be given to current Herald’s Guild Level 3+ members but we will consider those outside this group with a strong background and experience.

As part of our initiative to be as diverse as possible and bring a wide variety of ideas, view points, and perspectives to the table, we will be giving extra consideration to female and LGBTQ+ applicants. This is no way means this will always be the case as people retire and are replaced in the future. We are just focusing on this for this round of applications.

If you think this is you, and you meet the above requirements, then fill out the form below and we will see what happens. Thanks

Community: Creation and coordination of team building events, policies, and procedures. Also a watchdog on the other committees to make sure nothing being done or proposed will damage the morale of the organization or project an outward appearance to others not in line with our internal values. Examples might include slot 0 tools, late night functions, preshow dinners, etc.
Head: Robert Adducci

DM Training: Creation of our initial seminars, adjusting those seminars as needed, and coming up with our general DM curriculum. None of us started out as great DMs. We all worked on our craft over years or even decades of playing. This is how we pass on what we have learned to those who will carry the flag forward when our turns are done.
Head: OPEN

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