Our team discussed this one at length and will continue to do so for the near future I am sure. We will be having meetings at Winter Fantasy 2015 to make some of these decisions.

One group that will start above level one are D&D All Access DMs from Gen Con. If you were an All Access DM at Gen Con 2014 and achieved a rating of 4.8 or higher at the show you will be considered a 3rd level DM in the program. This also sets the bar for future D&D All Access  DMs as needing to be a level 3 DM to apply.

We will also be selecting three level 7 DMs and five level 5 DMs at Winter Fantasy. Announcements here when that is complete.

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← I know all existing DMs will not be grandfathered in but how will you determine those that do start above level one?

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