Gen Con 2017; volunteers needed 3

Gen Con 2017,

It seems so far away yet is getting closer every day  (yes, I have more of these). And of course the Herald’s Guild is going to Gen Con this summer. And we hope you will join us. Join us as a player, it will be great time. Or even better, join us as one of our DMs and help make D&D awesome for all.

It will likely come as no surprise that we will be volunteering to help out Baldman Games at the show. We were once a part of them and now that we stand on our own we may not be exclusive (contact us to see if we can help out with your show), but we are certainly still close. Helping to run D&D games will be one of our fundraising efforts. We have a mission and many other goals and ideas, and funds tend to help realizing them.  In addition to helping run D&D we will also be running seminars on DM training and empowerment, trying to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years.

But to do all this:We need you help

We need our current members, we need new members, we need people who are willing and able to have a good time while running games and spreading the love of our hobby wide and far. So, check out the information and sign-up form here and join us.

Photo by Yar Surus

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