Gen Con Online 2020

So are you planning on attending Gen Con this summer to enjoy the  ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’? Did the shutdown of the physical show really bum you out?  Well we are alive!!!!  We are looking to run as many, if not more tables of games online then we would have done in person. Bigger, better, and 21% more fun is the goal.

Gen Con 2020 DM Sign-up

Welcome! Thanks in advance for your interest in volunteering at Gen Con 2020 for the Herald’s Guild. Without DMs and helpers like you, shows like this would not exist. I’ve always said that even when you’re DMing you’re gaming, and that is never a bad way to spend the day.

This year we have gone 100% virtual for the show. We learned something earlier in the year running D&D Live 2020 and now look to expand and improve on that for Gen Con.

We use a lot of jargon that a lot of us take for granted. This year I am going to try to take a step back and come at this from the point of view of a person completely new to volunteering. If you find anything here confusing at all, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Forums or Website contact form and I will clear it up quickly.

Now for some show terminoglogy:

  • Slot: This one confuses a lot of people and is a very old term from the RPGA days. A slot is the same as saying a shift. In the case of Gen Con 2020, a slot is six hours long. There are 4 slots per day but the maximum you can run is 2 as they overlap. This is to make sure DM’s have enough time to run a game online (takes a little longer), get breaks to recharge between slots, and spreads out our time footprint to make sure we are as friendly to all time zones as possible.
    • Example: Thursday
      • Slot One:  9AM to 3PM EDT – 5 to 5 1/2 hour to run your game, a little extra time in case people have some tech issues upfront or you want to take a nice break in the middle. Most will start at 9AM and wrap-up around 2PM. Their next slot would be Slot Three that does not start until 4PM.
      • Slot Two: Noon to 6PM EDT. 5 to 5 1/2 hour to run your game, a little extra time in case people have some tech issues upfront or you want to take a nice break in the middle. Most will start at Noon and wrap-up around 5PM. Their next slot would be Slot Four that does not start until 7PM.
      • Please note the exception to this on Sunday. It is possible to run both of those slots (and they start a little earlier). This mainly would only apply to a Level 3+ DM who wanted to run two tracks of the DDXP Program instead of one.

Now on to some event specifics:

  • The D&D eXPerience @ Gen Con: This is our premiere experience event at Gen Con. Players in this event get a set DM, table, and show exclusive content. This event is run by our established, best-of-the-best DMs. In order to be considered for this, you must be a Level 3 or higher DM in the Herald’s Guild program. If you are new, this is the event you want to be running one day in the future. The top of the D&D DM mountain. Do 2-3 shows for us and knock our socks off, and you to can be part of this awesome group.
  • D&D Adventure League Event: This is our standard four-hour event at the show. Perfect for new and experienced DMs. It is set to run in about 3 1/2 hours so you have a little time at the end to gather up your stuff, hit the bathroom or food court really quick, and get back for your next slot (or if your last slot for the day run to the Dealer’s Hall).
  • D&D Fast Play/Intro Event: This is our two-hour (90 minutes of play) fast-play event. It is still a six-hour shift of work, but in that you will run it twice. It is fast-paced and a lot of fun. It is sometimes interactive. Which means several tables around you could be working alongside your table towards some kind of group goal. It makes for a fun time and is very popular at the show. It is great for newer DMs as preparing a one hour mini-event is a lot easier than a four hour one.
  • Living Arcanis (Paradigm), and Esper Genesis will also be joining our area this year. 
  • HQ: You will get to know this gang well as the show goes on. These are my minions whose job it is to take care of all the little things going on around you at the show so you don’t have to. Their job is to make sure you have everything you need, so all you need to do is focus on your game and give your players a fantastic time. They are long-time DMs and staff members, most of whom have been doing this 10+ years – and some closer to 30. We usually have a few open spots each year for data entry and reception here. This is great for example if you want to help DM and get a free room but your significant other doesn’t DM. We can put them to work earning a room in another fashion, and you can still share a room together. We have many couples who do this.

Well, hopefully that was helpful in getting you up to speed on what we are about and how you can help us help you. Now on to the nitty-gritty details that hopefully will now make more sense to you.

For 2020 everything at the show (outside of HQ staff) works on 4-hour shifts. This means the show has 14 slots from start to finish as listed below.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Slot 1: 9am-3pm Slot 5: 9am-3pm Slot 9: 9am-3pm Slot 13: 8am-1pm
Slot 2: Noon-6pm Slot 6: Noon-6pm Slot 10: Noon-6pm Slot 14: 2pm-7pm
Slot 3: 4pm-10pm Slot 7: 4pm-10pm Slot 11: 4pm-10pm
Slot 4: 7pm-1am Slot 8: 7pm-1am Slot 12: 7pm-1am


Digital benefits are hard but we are trying. We are looking to get some support from Wotc (cool books – we all like books) and working out some of the logistics (do we mail them to you – does Dave hold onto them until the next physical show and hand them to you – if you are outside the US how does that work, etc).

That is the side gig. Best benefit?  Hanging out with your fellow DM’s and just having a blast and trying to have a normal big show summer experience as possible while COVID runs around being an ass.

Also it benefits charity. Part of our ticket price will be going to the Gen Con Charity. On top of that Baldman Games is donating another chunk to BLM charities (we are still working out which ones but NAACP is high on the list). My goal is to see if we can power past $15,000 at the show beyond what Gen Con is doing already. On top of on top of that – we will also be partnering with a local charity to work on rerolls and such things to see if we can raise another $5-10K on top of that (Jasper’s being my first choice).

Gen Con 2020 DM Registration

The Grid of Events –

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What digital platform will you be using to run your games? (they are listed in order of preference by players from best to worst)

What slots do you want to work? If you don't want to work all slots checked please give me directions in the notes below.

Slot 1 - Thur 9am - 3pm
Slot 2 - Thur Noon - 6pm
Slot 3 - Thur 4pm - 10pm
Slot 4 - Thur 7pm - 1am

Slot 5 - Fri 9am - 3pm
Slot 6 - Fri Noon - 6pm
Slot 7 - Fri 4pm - 10pm
Slot 8 - Fri 7pm - 1am

Slot 9 - Sat 9am - 3pm
Slot 10 - Sat Noon - 6pm
Slot 11 - Sat 4pm - 10pm
Slot 12 - Sat 7pm - 1am

Slot 13 - Sun 8am - 1pm
Slot 14 - Sun 2pm - 7pm

What events do you want to run?

Intro to D&D / D&D Fast Play

D&D AL 1-4
D&D AL 5-10
D&D AL 11-16

Moonshae ES-3 Special Event - Slot 2, 6, 9, 13 - Must Use Discord
Eberron Epic AL Event - Slot 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 - Must Use Discord

The D&D eXPerience - Tier 2 - Track A - Slot 1, 5, 9, 13
The D&D eXPerience - Tier 2 - Track B - Slot 3, 7, 11, 14
The Eberron eXPerience - Tier 2 - Track A - Slot 1, 5, 9, 13
The Eberron eXPerience - Tier 2 - Track B - Slot 3, 7, 11, 14

Living Arcanis
Esper Genesis

HQ / Worker Bee

T-Shirt Size (required):

Anything Else? (preferred roommate, special needs, etc.)

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