Council of Masters

Heralds Guild Council of Masters (Level 5-8):

At these levels you are not only an awesome DM, but you have also taken on additional responsibilities within the Heralds Guild. These duties may include organizing DMs in your local area, coordinating seminars, serving on or heading up internal Herald’s Guild Committees, and mentoring Level 3 and 4 DMs to help them be ready when they are called up to serve at Level 5. You are seen as a pillar in the community of what it means to be a Dungeon Master. You understand the true challenge of DMing and volunteering, so you constantly seek to improve both yourself and the hobby. You are held to the highest standards and wear that mantle with pride.

Level 6: Harbinger

Krishna Simonse: GM

Teos Abadia: Conduct Committee Head

Robert Adducci: Community Committee Head

Dan Erbacher: Testing Committee Head

Shawn Merwin: Training Committee Head

Level 5: Emissary

Claire Hoffman: Community Committee

Laura Thompson: Community Committee

Ginny Loveday: Community Committee

Bill Benham: Conduct Committee

Michael Long: Conduct Committee

Greg Marks: Testing Committee

Pieter Sleijpen: Testing Committee

Charles Benscoter: Testing Committee

Tim Mottishaw: Training Committee

Cindy Moore: Training Committee

Mickey Tan: Training Committee

Jay Africa: Training Committee