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Please Note: the form below signs you up for the Heralds Guild. If you are looking for the Ambassador Program please refer to the form at the bottom of the page here

HG LogoJoining the guild is easy! Just fill out the form below and tell us you are interested. We will add you to our database, and you’ll receive updates on the program as well as early alerts to upcoming opportunities to DM. Our system will track your progress as you meet various goals and advance in the DM Ranking system. We’ll update the DM Rankings page regularly so everybody can see where they stand.

If you DMed at Gen Con 2016 for Baldman Games, you can use that as your starting date in the program. Your ratings from that show will roll into your starting numbers (just let us know on your application). Otherwise Winter Fantasy 2017 will be the earliest join date for those entering the program. While everyone’s past DMing experience is valuable and appreciated, we want Herald’s Guild DMs to begin on a level playing field, and the Guild will be as transparent as possible from start to finish. Some members of the Guild with years of experience DMing for Baldman Games will start at a higher rank for proctoring purposes, and those selected will be contacted by the Herald’s Guild directly (check the FAQ for more details).

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