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Hey folks!

We wanted to thank everyone for the high level of responses to our first survey! We have a lot of great feedback that was given, and we’ve been parsing through it all to figure out our next moves. As of right now, some questions we will be asking are such things as:

  • What are some basic rules and requirements that should be a part of the AP structure, regardless of position?
  • What should be the direct responsibilities of a Regional Ambassador (Consul)? An Ambassador (Envoy)?
  • For your area in the world, how large of an area should each Regional Ambassador (Consul) have?
  • How many Ambassadors (Envoys) should be in your area, and what are you using as a way to decide that, be it number of events, Organized Play density, overall population, number of stores, etc.
  • Should there be distinct hard stop for the number of Ambassadors (Envoy) working with a Regional Ambassador (Consul), before adding another Regional Ambassador (Consul) to that area?
  • Once we have agreed upon responsibilities and how they interact with one another, what should the names be for those positions? We believe a three tier system to be the easiest, but the names are still in flux. The most brought up names have been added throughout this message, to see if that suits the positions better.

Essentially, our next steps are to give concrete answers to what the AP program requires, how each volunteer position works, and outline what exactly will be offered. Once those are established, we can start to form areas, decide on Council (Advisory Board? Committee? Lots of choices to choose from) members and Regional Ambassador (Consul) members, and get this program running.

As for when to expect that…

Late December is a busy time for a lot of folks, and that includes the Development Team. We expect to put out the next survey, and possible discussion (looking for a way to make such a discussion easier to digest) sometime next week, probably after December 27th. Until then, please think over some of the stuff put up above, and watch for our next message!

Our pleasure as always,

The AP Development Team

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