News from the Herald’s Guild

Spring is here and the convention summer is on the horizon. Time for some updates.

I am, still, working diligently a revamped website, so we can add more content and functionality to the Herald’s Guild. However the work is getting lonely and the process could do with some extra eyes, ears, hands and commenting mouths. In short I could do with a few web (WordPress?) savvy volunteers.

If working on websites is not your thing, but writing is, we are also still looking for people who are willing to spend some time creating content. An article on DM-ing, preparation, a pictures of a great setup you built, stories from the front lines. Everything is welcome.

If you are willing to help out, drop me a line at and if possible put “volunteering” in the subject 🙂

In other news. We know, that signup, ranking and other questions regarding the Herald’s Guild exist and that, while we are working to create light in that darkness, answers can be tricky to find. Because some people have been waiting a long time, I would like to request that if you have a burning question, or are waiting on an answer from a while back, shoot us an email so I can try to get you answers.

Either way we will get an updated ranking list up asap.

Any other comments, (constructive) criticism, ideas and the like. I welcome them.


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