PAX Online 2020

So were you planning on attending PAX West or PAX Down Under this fall? Did the shutdown of the physical show really bum you out?  Well we are alive!!!!  We are looking to run as many, if not more tables of games online then we would have done in person. Bigger, better, and 21% more fun is the goal.

PAX Online 2020 DM Sign-up

Welcome! Thanks in advance for your interest in volunteering at PAX Online 2020 for the Herald’s Guild. Without DMs and helpers like you, shows like this would not exist. I’ve always said that even when you’re DMing you’re gaming, and that is never a bad way to spend the day.

This year we have gone 100% virtual for the show. We learned something earlier in the year running D&D Live 2020, Gen Con, and now look to expand and improve on that for PAX.

We use a lot of jargon that a lot of us take for granted. This year I am going to try to take a step back and come at this from the point of view of a person completely new to volunteering. If you find anything here confusing at all, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Forums or Website contact form and I will clear it up quickly.

Now for some show terminoglogy:

  • D&D Adventure League Event: This is our standard four-hour event at the show. Perfect for new and experienced DMs. It is set to run in about 3 1/2 hours so you have a little time at the end to gather up your stuff, hit the bathroom or food court really quick, and get back for your next slot (or if your last slot for the day run to the Dealer’s Hall).
  • D&D Fast Play/Intro Event: This is our two-hour (90 minutes of play) fast-play event. It is still a four-hour shift of work, but in that you will run it twice. It is fast-paced and a lot of fun. It is sometimes interactive. Which means several tables around you could be working alongside your table towards some kind of group goal. It makes for a fun time and is very popular at the show. It is great for newer DMs as preparing a one hour mini-event is a lot easier than a four hour one.

Well, hopefully that was helpful in getting you up to speed on what we are about and how you can help us help you. Now on to the nitty-gritty details that hopefully will now make more sense to you.

This show runs from September 12th to the 20th. That’s right!!!!! 9 straight days. By far the longest continuous event we have ever done. We will be running full days on Saturday and Sunday (both sets) and afternoon/evening games Monday to Friday. 

We are looking for you to commit to a block or two if you can help on a weekend or an evening on a weeknight. If you pick a weeknight and cannot start until 5pm for example – just put it in the notes – we are totally groovy and will work with you. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL (All  .. I did say ALL) times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). So a 9AM (PDT) start is 11AM in Chicago, Noon in Akron, and 6pm in the Netherlands. This means no super earlier mornings for East coast types and starting a game at 4PM on a Thursday is really 7pm. 

We are really looking to knock their socks off this year online and hopefully grow into all the PAX shows when physical shows are a thing again. 


Digital benefits are hard but we are trying. We are looking to get some support from Wotc (cool books – we all like books) and working out some of the logistics (do we mail them to you – does Dave hold onto them until the next physical show and hand them to you – if you are outside the US how does that work, etc).

That is the side gig. Best benefit?  Hanging out with your fellow DM’s and just having a blast and trying to have a normal big show summer experience as possible while COVID runs around being an ass. 

We have a cool sponsor for the show that I hope to announce soon and hoping they throw some perks our way as well.


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All times are listed PDT. (So add 3 if your east coast peeps and 2 if you are one of those Windy City types). Krishna - Roll 1d4+2

Saturday(12th) Early Block (9AM-1PM)
Saturday(12th) Mid Block (1PM-5PM)
Saturday(12th) Late Block (5PM-9PM)
Sunday(13th) Early Block (9AM-1PM)
Sunday(13th) Mid Block (1PM-5PM)
Sunday(13th) Late Block (5PM-9PM)

Monday (14th) Evening (4PM-10PM)
Tuesday (15th) Evening (4PM-10PM)
Wednesday (16th) Evening (4PM-10PM)
Thursday (17th) Evening (4PM-10PM)
Friday (18th) Evening (4PM-10PM)

Saturday(19th) Early Block (9AM-1PM)
Saturday(19th) Mid Block (1PM-5PM)
Saturday(19th) Late Block (5PM-9PM)
Sunday(20th) Early Block (9AM-1PM)
Sunday(20th) Mid Block (1PM-5PM)
Sunday(20th) Late Block (5PM-9PM)

D&D AL Intro's (Moonshae)
D&D AL 1-4
D&D AL 5-10

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