Special Event 2020

Hey Team,

For being in the middle of a pandemic we have been staying pretty busy. That continues in September with two events (but we will just deal with this one to start). You have all done this before so I am going to dive right into the deets:

When:  Sept 18th to the 20th
Where:  The Internet!!! <insert echo here>
What: Super secret cool event you’ll want to help with but I cannot tell you the name right now.

This event pays. Cold hard cash delivered to you via PayPal payment after the show is over (I believe we had them going out 2-3 days after the end last time). In return you’ll run lots of fun events, give players a great time (as always), and promise to not spend it all on meth, lego’s, D&D 4th edition, or Dwarven Forge kickstarters.

We are initially only looking for those that can commit to a minimum of helping out. If after plugging all those DM’s in we still have needs we will then circle back around to phase two. What we are looking for:

  • Friday – DDAL 10-0: Ice Road Trackers (same event as D&D Live) – 3 to 4 sessions
  • Saturday – Season 10 Epic – runs 3 times – all 3 slots
  • Sunday – DDAL 10-1: Dave & Teos’s Excellent Adventure – 3 to 4 sessions

So looking for a 6-8 hour commitment on Friday and Sunday – 9 hours commitment on Saturday. You can see the time slots on the signup form below – there are breaks between events (as long as you stay on time). 

Now to the pay. For Friday and Sunday we are paying $15/hour ($30 per running) of DDAL 10-0 and 10-1. For Saturday we are paying $20/hour ($60 per running) of the Epic. So if you do the minimum we are looking at for Phase One above you’re are looking at 3 x $30, 3 x $60, and 3 x $30 = $360 for helping us out. That’s a pretty awesome sounding weekend to me. That requires your ‘A’ game, ready to rock, dependable as said rock, and ready to  roll.

If you have questions contact me via the ten thousands ways to get a hold of me. We have a set number of DM’s we need to do not dilly-dally.

The Bald One

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Slot 1 - Fri 1pm - 3pm
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Slot 4 - Fri 7pm - 9pm
Slot 5 - Fri 9pm - 11pm

Slot 6 - Sat 1pm - 4pm
Slot 7 - Sat 5pm - 8pm
Slot 8 - Sat 9pm - Mid

Slot 9 - Sun 1pm - 3pm
Slot 10 - Sun 3pm - 5pm
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Slot 13 - Sun 9pm - 11pm

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