Mission Statement

Welcome to the Heralds Guild. What is the Heralds Guild? It is the official training and ranking program for DMs (Dungeon Masters) that work with organizers like Baldman Games to provide entertainment for players at shows around the world. Beyond that, the Guild is a resource for all DMs – whether in the public or private space – to learn, grow, and become better DMs. Regardless of where you run games – at massive shows such as Gen Con or PAX Prime or for a small table of new players at your local store or library, this is the place to start. No matter your level of experience or DM’ing goals, we welcome you into our family.

The Heralds Guild’s DM program has two distinct parts: DM Training and DM Ranking.

DM Training is available for anyone who wants to learn DMing skills. New DMs are the target of the early training, but existing DMs looking to improve their skills or wanting to learn a few new DMing tricks are encouraged to take part. As DM Training sessions are presented, they will be recorded and put on the Heralds Guild website for those unable to attend in person. Manuals and essays on seminar topics will also be made available in the Guild Library, expanding on the topics discussed in each DM Training session. The Guild Library will grow as our talented team produces them, and as members of the Heralds Guild produce their own documents to share.

The DM Rankings system takes the DM Training program and combines it with the public play offerings managed by Baldman Games. Through a combination of DMing select public events, attending seminars, proctoring, and collecting player feedback, DMs can gain levels in the program – as well as gaining recognition from their peers. The DM Rankings system lets DMs leave their marks in the gaming world, expanding their roles: from being a DM for your friends to becoming an advocate for your hobby. As DM Ranking levels increase, DMs will gain the ability to run seminars locally and be sought as experts in their fields by local game stores, events, and conventions.

It is an exciting time for D&D! The popularity of the game grows each day and is only limited by the DMs the hobby can create. Join us! Together, we can grow the game and give back to the hobby that has given us all so much.

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