The Heralds Guild is a large organic organization that derives its goals and motivations from its members. Committees are where those goals and motivations are distilled down to become the rules and guidelines we use in our everyday interaction with others. It is the core of what we are trying to do, say, and portray about our hobby and organization. Each Committee is headed up by a Level 6 Herald Guild Member. In addition, a selection of Level 4 and 5 will round each Committee out to 8 members.

The Heralds Guild Committees:

Community: Creation and coordination of team building events, policies, and procedures. Also a watchdog on the other committees to make sure nothing being done or proposed will damage the morale of the organization or project an outward appearance to others not in line with our internal values. Examples might include slot 0 tools, late night functions, preshow dinners, etc.
Head: Robert Adducci

Conduct: Creation and maintenance of the rules we expect all members of the organization to follow. The power of this organization comes from our name and we will protect our name and those who seek to cause harm to it. This includes our ‘Safe Place’ policies. We are an organization that welcomes all who wish to better themselves as DMs and support their hobby.
Head: Teos Abadia

Testing: Creation and maintenance of our ranking forms and advancement criteria. We need to constantly work on honing our craft and becoming examples for those wishing to throw their hat in the DMing ring. How do we measure those metrics correctly in a fashion that allows improvement.
Head: Dan Erbacher

Training: Creation of our initial seminars, adjusting those seminars as needed, and coming up with our general DM curriculum. None of us started out as great DMs. We all worked on our craft over years or even decades of playing. This is how we pass on what we have learned to those who will carry the flag forward when our turns are done.
Head: Shawn Merwin

Ambassador Program: This is our outreach and training program for local stores; helping teach DMs about D&D, and specifically providing the latest information about D&D Adventurers League Public Play.

Head: TBD