The Herald’s Guild has Arrived!!!! 7

Want to learn, grow, and become a better DM? Then join the Herald’s Guild of DMs at Winter Fantasy.

What is the Herald’s Guild of DMs? It is the official training and ranking program for DMs (Dungeon Masters) involved with Baldman Games, the company that manages D&D games for Wizards of the Coast at large conventions. The Herald’s Guild is also a resource for all DMs in the public or private space to learn, grow, and become better at their craft. From running games at massive shows such as Gen Con, Winter Fantasy, or PAX Prime, to running a table for four new players at your local game store or library, this is a great place to start. So we, your fellow DMs, welcome you into the guild. Follow the link to become a guild initiate and learn more.

As a member of the Herald’s Guild of DMs, you’ll have access to advice from DMs around the world. You will also be eligible to attend special DM training sessions, and based on your participation you can earn DM Rankings exclusive to guild members.

DM Training is available for anyone who wants to learn DMing skills. New DMs are the target of the early training, but existing DMs looking to improve their skills or wanting to learn a few new DMing tricks are encouraged to take part. As DM Training sessions are presented, they will be recorded and put on the Herald’s Guild website for those unable to attend in person. Manuals and essays on seminar topics will also be made available in the Guild Library, expanding on the topics discussed in each DM Training session. The Guild Library will grow as our talented team produces them, and as members of the Herald’s Guild produce their own documents to share.

The initial DM Training sessions will be focused on the two basic fundamental skills needed to run a game of Dungeons & Dragons: Storytelling and Table Management. These will premiere, along with the Herald’s Guild of DMs program as a whole, at Winter Fantasy running in Fort Wayne, IN from February 4th to February 8th 2015.

The DM Rankings system takes the DM Training program and combines it with the public play offerings managed by Baldman Games. Through a combination of DMing select public events, attending seminars, proctoring, and collecting player feedback, DMs can gain levels in the program – as well as gaining recognition from their peers. The DM Rankings system lets DMs leave their marks in the gaming world, expanding their roles: from being a DM for your friends to becoming an advocate for your hobby. As DM Ranking levels increase, DMs will gain the ability to run seminars locally and be sought as experts in their fields by local game stores, events, and conventions.

It is an exciting time for D&D! The popularity of the game grows each day and is only limited by the DMs the hobby can create. Join us! Together, we can grow the game and give back to the hobby that has given us all so much.

7 thoughts on “The Herald’s Guild has Arrived!!!!

  • Shawn Merwin

    Hey Weird Dave,

    If you are signed up on this site, you are good. If you attended either or both of the seminars that were held Wednesday and Friday, you are better. The two seminars (plus more seminars) will be held again at Origins and GenCon for those who didn’t attend the Winter Fantasy ones.

  • Weird Dave

    Should I have done something at Winter Fantasy to sign up for this? I’m super excited about the Herald’s Guild and what it can be and I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything critical. Had a blast running games at Winter Fantasy though 🙂

    • Ken Carcas

      Everything for those located in or able to ‘regularly’ get to the United States … everyone else around the world will maintain a ranking of zip … so you comment above “…This is exciting! Can’t wait to see what this will bring to the DM community (and the D&D community in general)…” only applies to one area.

      • Shawn Merwin

        Since the program is created, funded, and managed by Baldman Games, the DM Ranking system is designed INITIALLY to be used by volunteers at Baldman Game shows and conventions. If the program grows and evolves, there might be ways to extend it to DMs at other venues. In the meantime, signing up means you will have access to any DM training materials, whether or not you can attended Baldman Game events. Thanks!

  • Patrick Jacobs

    I’ve DM’d for Baldman games for years, but I’m always interested in how to be a better DM.

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